You cannot e-file if any of these conditions occurred during the filing year:

Keystone makes online filing easy. Some situations prevent e-file use because they require traditional paper forms.
Click here for a paper return.

  • You divorced and filed with your spouse in the prior year.
  • You are filing an amended return.
  • You were not a PA resident for the full year.
  • You worked for a company outside of Pennsylvania.
  • You received a clergy housing allowance.
Are You Ready to e-file?

Please make sure you have the forms that apply to you, your Social Security Number and spouse’s (if applicable).

If you will be making a payment you will need a credit card or checking account with bank routing number.

If you will be requesting a refund, please provide a checking account number and a bank routing number.

If you lived or work out of state, you can still pay your quarterly tax online. Click SET UP ACCOUNT button below to continue.

Please have the forms that show your earned income, such as:

  • All W-2 forms
  • All 1099 forms
  • All Schedules C, C-F, F, Philadelphia, and UE


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